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2018-10 Use of Earth Observation tools and GIS in Support of Integrated Water Resources Management

2018-03 Safeguarding our most precious resource: water

2017-10 Release of a high resolution LC map at 20m over Africa from Sentinel-2 data

2017-08 Workshop On Remote Sensing of Water Use and Water Stress in African Savanna Ecosystem

2017-02 WOIS supports the new Sentinel-2 file format

2016-10 Sentinel 3A Earth Colour data Released

2016-10 WOIS 4.0 Released

2016-10 New Release of the TIGER Training Kit

2016-09 Water Observation and Information System for Flood Monitoring Training course

2016-09 WaterNet Alumni Refresher Course: Introduction to open source QGIS for Geospatial and Earth Observation

2016-05 Sentinel satellite pictures a 'clear skies' Africa

2016-02 TIGER 2016 Workshop Presentations

2016-01 TIGER Research Call "Water for Agriculture": 10 new Research TIGER Studies selected

2015-11 TIGER Research Call for proposals "Water for Agriculture"

2015-11 TIGER Workshop 2016

2015-08 Earth Observation supporting water resources management for sustainable development

2015-05 WOIS 3.0 Workshop (ESA, Frascati)

2015-01 Malawi and Mozambique floods captured from space

2014-11 TIGER joins the AfriGEOSS initiative

2014-10 Mapping Water Bodies from Space - MWBS 2015

2014-10 TIGER Call for Research Proposals 2014: Announcement of Results

2014-09 Water Observation Information System (WOIS) public release!

2014-08 Invitation EOforWater CapNet&ESA flyer

2014-07 TIGER Call for Research Proposals 2014: deadline extended to 22 September 2014

2014-05 TIGER Side Event at the 5th AWW Dakar, Senegal

2014-05 Sentinel-1 aids response to Namibia flood

2014-05 Experts demonstrate versatility of Sentinel-1

2014-04 First radar vision for Copernicus

2014-04 Europe lofts first Copernicus Environmental Satellite

2014-03 African water and equatorial space weather focus of inaugural Alcantara workshop

2014-01 TIGER Workshop 2013

2013-10 The WOIS System and Product Portfolio is now online

2013-10 Training of Trainers in South Africa

2013-08 TIGER 2013 Workshop, 21-22 October, Tunis

2013-05 7th TIGER Training Course in Lusaka, Zambia

2013-03 Six Alcantara Researchers started their work in Europe in TUD and ITC.

2012-12 6th TIGER Training Course in cooperation with SEMIDE-EMWIS in Frascati, Italy

2012-12 Monitoring water resources in the Mediterranean

2012-11 TIGER endorsed at the AARSE Conference

2012-10 Launch of 6 Alcantara TIGER Fellowships

2012-09 TIGER-NET Requirements Engineering Review

2012-03 TIGER-NET Launch

2012-12 Monitoring water resources in the Mediterranean

2012-07 TIGER at the 6th World Water Forum

2011-12 TIGER II Workshop, 12-13 December 2011

2011-12 4th TIGER Training course, 5-10 December 2011, South Africa

2011-06 3d TIGER Training Course, 20-24 June 2011, The Netherlands

2010-04 TIGER II Training Course in Cairo

2010-03 ESA’s TIGER II to support 20 water projects in Africa

2009-05 ESA extends its TIGER project

2009-03 TIGER-2 AO Open (deadline 23 May 09 - extended to 29 May 09)

2009-01 Satellites help locate water in Niger

2008-12 Africa focuses on GMES

2008-12 Water authorities in Africa receive training in Earth Observation

2007-08 Space-borne sensors help Africa tackle water shortage problems

2007-07 Extreme weather monitoring boosted by space sensor

2007-07 Announcement of opportunity for the COSMO-SkyMed data

2007-07 African water project supported by space

2007-05 SHARE - Product Presentation

2007-05 IWAREMA Training in Lusaka, Zambia

2006-10 SHARE User workshop in Pretoria

2006-09 In Memory of Ferdinand J. Bonn 1943-2006

2006-08 TIGER Workshop 2006

2006-08 African water authorities receive space-tool training

2006-06 TIGER Executive Bureau: Invitation to Tender (deadline: 25 July 2006)

2006-05 African wetland managers armed with new technology

2006-02 TIGER Executive Bureau: Call for proposals (deadline: 28 February 2006)

2006-01 TIGER Innovators enhance North-South collaboration

2005-07 TIGER 2005 Workshop: 3-7 October, ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

2005-05 Invitation To Tender (ITT) for ESA DUE "TIGER INNOVATOR" published - deadline 2005

2005-05 South African government makes available free Landsat imagery for Southern Africa until 2006

2004-12 ESA re-contact PIs of proposals that may be accepted and delivers copies of the Catalogues (DESCW)

2004-11 TIGER 2004 Workshop: 8-11 November, Pretoria, South Africa

2004-09 Deadline for submission of proposals to the ESA AO call

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