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TIGER-NET Requirements Engineering Review


From the 5th-6thof September 2012 the TIGER-NET Requirements Engineering Review (RER) was kindly hosted by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) and the South African Department of Water Affairs.

The main objective of this meeting was to review and to consolidate the user requirements and technical specifications for the Water Observation Information System (WOIS) to be developed within TIGER-NET.

Beside 3 representatives from the consortium (Project Manager, Responsible Technical Lead and Assistant Project Manager) and the ESA TIGER-NET coordinator, the project leaders of all involved users (Nile Basin Initiative, Lake Chad Basin Commission, Volta Basin Authority, Department of Water Affairs South Africa and the Namibian Ministry of Water) as well as one key member of the steering committee (UNESCO) were present.

The meeting was opened by the Managing Director of SANSA, Dr. Jane Mukarugwiza Olwoch.

After presenting the summary of established user requirements from both, the consultants. and users. perspective, the summary of the outcome of the technical specifications and the feasibility studies, the requirements of the defined demonstration cases were discussed and adapted in individual consultation meetings against the feasibility and benefit for implementation. The adapted demonstration cases to be implemented were appropriated by the users.

The RER represents the first Milestone of TIGER-NET and successfully concludes the first project phase of cycle 1.As part of this milestone, the final, ESA reviewed versions of the Requirement Baseline and adapted, final Technical Specification documents as well as the presentations and the outcome of this meeting are delivered.

More information: http://www.tiger-net.org/fileadmin/documents/TIGER-NET_D19_QN_Issue2.pdf

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