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Satellite observations are limited to the retrieval of surface information, therefore can not be used directly to assess groundwater. However EO-derived information, jointly with in situ observations can be used to identify/estimate parameters (open water extension and dynamics, geological settings and fault lines as potential aquifer recharge areas, crop water consumption, location of wells, precipitation distribution, evapotranspiration, subsidence related to water pumping.) which may support the management of aquifers.

Geology and Ground Water

Land use / land cover change map of the irrigated agricultural zones of the Souss-Massa basin. Derived from multi-sensor and multi-temporal satellite data.
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ENVISAT MERIS FR image merge with basin wide vegetation monitoring result showing the SAI region (Système d’Aquifère d’Iullemeden) in December 2005.
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Map showing the probability of the existence of ground water in a region of Niger in 2007, using as input DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), water shed modelling tools and automatic linear feature extraction.
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Geological map of the Sebt Brikyne area, produced with input from satellite imagery and auxiliary data.
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Map showing hydrographic network and risk of exposure to floods, derived from optical and radar satellite imagery, DEMs (Digital Elevation Models) and field observation data.
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Map showing morphological structure of the western highlands of Cameroon, derived from DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and other inputs.
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Map showing ground water potential for the Irherm area in Morocco derived from satellite and auxiliary data.
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Digital elevation model layer over SASS aquifer and landcover map layer over the site of Tozeur, derived from satellite imagery.
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Digital elevation model and fractures diagram of the area around Lake Nyos in the north west province of Cameroon.
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Map of subsidence feature south-east of El-Alia (Algeria) 2003 – 2006 using differential radar interferometry.
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